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Hey Arnold Theory Cracked Feet


Neo's new powers are never explained in Revolutions (hand-waved away by The Oracle in one sentence) and therefore seem like a cheap cop-out tacked on simply to end the damn movie. Oh, and when you're done with a level, Mario exits stage right, just like you would in a play. Since the top was previously his wife's, that means Cobb must have had another totem before, right? The ring seems like a perfect choice. If Bush had been around when Blair hadn't been, maybe we could have avoided all this mess, but no, history has left us with two like-minded people in control of a military strength that would bring an appreciative tear to the eye of Ming the Merciless. As for the title of the movie, it's taken from the opening line of Sailing to Byzantium by William Butler Yeats, a poem that describes an aging man as "a dying animal" and "a tattered coat upon a stick." It's Yeats' personal ode to the end of things: old age, futility, and death. There was really no point in doing anything prior to summoning the omnipotent all-powerful superhero, but they did it anyway, presumably for smacktardy reasons. Red band around the waist? Check. Updates Archive.


It's then revealed that the vulture only did that so that Muriel could watch over the vulture's children so she could go to Florida to meet her potential husband, which, judging by her stereotypical accent, she probably met on JDate. Obviously, Cameron isn't saying that the Vietnamese were penis-headed rape monsters -- it's more about the attitude of the soldiers towards them, which goes from "I'm the ultimate badass!" to "Game over, man!" over the course of the conflict. The movie takes place in 1947, at the height of the Jim Crow era, where mandated state and local laws prohibited whites and blacks from having the same shit or being in the same places. Method Not Allowed . 17/7/2003: Tackling Hard Issues . "There's an orgy in our collective unconscious and everyone's invited!" And to show our appreciation for one of the most even compromises in history, we began a campaign to murder every single last robot. These are all signs of Asperger's, as is his baffling pseudo-Austrian accent: A lot of people with this condition sound like foreigners to their own families because they mimic words the way they were pronounced when they first heard them (in many cases, on TV). For the record, it looks like this. - Yahtzee Archive . The Crazy Fan Theory: According to a popular fan theory that's been floating around the Internet, Mario and his crew are just a group of actors playing whatever parts the various games require them to.


Here we go round the mulberry bush." "Well, that's nice. I was that guy! That guy on screen now. If you've ever turned on Nickelodeon for more than five seconds, you've seen this shit. ↓ Continue Reading Below 22Everyone in Monsters Inc. The comedy was supposed to come from how uncomfortable the entire situation made Arnold feel, which was also the reaction of Nickelodeon's executives, who respectfully turned down this proposal by, I assume, quietly staring at Bartlett until he left the room in shame. The government, sensing its usefulness, tries to take the rights to Stark's suit. And honestly, there are some images that could totally pass for the Eye of Providence out there. ↓ Continue Reading Below 18The Dark Knight: George W. 15Drag Me to Hell Is All About an Eating Disorder What You Think You're Watching: A horror movie about a young, ambitious woman cursed by an old gypsy lady. "Oh man, what the fuck .?" You can't really defend any of this by saying that the trains are Hatt's property.


If Al Qaeda hadn't told a couple of suicide bombers that they thought the weather was nice in New York this time of year, and if Bush hadn't pulled on his cowboy boots and started wailing for support like a newborn baby wails for its rattle, perhaps Blair's plan would have succeeded, but he drank a little too much American semen and I have nothing but contempt for him once again. At any rate, this makes way more sense than the "Dexter becomes a serial killer on Showtime" theory. Man, no one could have called that. Jean de Brunhoff/Laurent de Brunhoff "Instead of fostering equality, we're introducing the feudal system. This software is easy to use and also provides intelligent assistance. In the second episode, for example, Brain builds a robotic suit to compete on a Jeopardy!-style game show, but loses by not knowing an answer to a question Pinky had answered correctly. To be clear, the researchers aren't just arbitrarily psychoanalyzing these fictional stuffed animals. It's almost like he's experienced something like this before . Note the date: July 4th. 2395972840

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